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Meet the team

We are a BC-Based tech company with a passion for a clean environment, a goal to decarbonize the building industry, and knowledge to match our ambition.


Sina Salari

Sina is the founder and CEO of SISA Energy and has years of experience in leading teams fighting climate change. He is a world-class industry leader focused on applying automation and data engineering in building energy. He has been the keynote speaker at the 5th International Symposium on Innovative Materials and Processes in Energy Systems in Japan and published many papers focusing on sustainability in international journals, including Power sources.

He is a P.Eng and certified energy manager (CEM) and holds a P.hD. from Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronics System Engineering. He has led and collaborated on many local energy efficiency projects, including data analysis and network modeling of City of Surrey district energy and Canada Place’s thermal plant upgrade. 

In his spare time, Sina enjoys friend gatherings, playing volleyball, and watching football matches.

Senior Advisor 

Jordan Fisher

Jordan is a Senior Advisor to SISA Energy and the Chief Decarbonization Officer (CDO) for FRESCo Building Efficiency. He has been providing services related to building energy efficiency and decarbonization since 2005. Jordan is an experienced energy/business case analyst, project manager, and is a Professional Planner. He has diverse experience in energy/water conservation, green buildings and infrastructure, cost consulting, community sustainability, and energy/emissions planning. 

Jordan has been the project lead for numerous building energy efficiency and GHG reduction projects in the private and public sectors, including over 30 million square feet of commercial, multi-family, and residential buildings. When not at work Jordan enjoys padding, surfing, camping, and biking with his wife and two small children. 

CTO, Software Manager

Ali Taghavi

Ali is a senior backend engineer with years of experience in leading tech teams. His experiences include managing software teams for FoodX providing online grocery shopping solutions for SPUD and Supermarkets, being a software manager in AWS, and being Boeing software contractor.

Marketing Manager

Shabnam Bidmeshki

As the Marketing Expert at SISA, Shabnam plays a significant role in lead generation, developing a strategic plan, and content creation. She also specializes in SEO and Data Analysis, CLM, and PR.
Her passion for a green environment led her to work for SISA, a company with many insights and innovative ideas to decarbonize the building industry.
She has a master's degree in marketing management from EMU and a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Southern Cross University of Australia.

Shabnam loves to spend time with her family and friends in her free time. She loves warm weather, swimming, and paddle boarding.

Back-End Developer

Tan Vu

As a Back-End Developer at SISA, Tan focuses on developing the energy model API. He has many years of international experience and is excited to apply his knowledge in Canada. He enjoys learning from other developers and is eager to know more about the building energy industry.

While not banging his head fixing bugs and building software projects, you can find him online surfing the Web or getting chilled with a Smooth Jazz song. For stretching his legs, he does enjoy walking and swimming sometimes too.

Front-End Developer

Michael Yu

Michael comes from a broad scientific background and has experience working in various research lab environments. His journey has led him to SISA, where he can express his creativity in software development while delivering measured, practical, and impactful solutions for a new industry.

As a full-stack software developer, Michael works closely with the team to create exciting new features for SISA’s upcoming flagship platform using React, Python, Flask, and SQL technologies.

Michael has earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Toronto and a diploma in Computer Systems Technology at BCIT.

Michael enjoys weightlifting, boxing, music production, and video games.

Full-Stack Engineer

Sean Yue

Sean is a Full-Stack engineer at Sisa Energy and a member of the app development team. He currently specializes in frontend work, designing features with Figma and bringing them to life using React.js. He is involved with numerous DevOps projects, from developing CI/CD pipelines to managing resources in Azure. Often reading about pen-testing and cybersecurity, He is also passionate about securing applications and data against increasing online threats. 

Sean has a Bachelor of Sciences from UCLA and an Associate in Computer Science from BCIT. When he’s not at the gym blowing off steam, you’ll find him adding new songs to his many Spotify playlists.  

Energy Engineer 

Reza Abadi

Reza is an Energy Engineer at SISA and leads the design and modeling team. His passion for green energy and a sustainable society has led him to SISA, where he is applying his years of experience in climate change-related fields to buildings. Before SISA, Reza led a team of researchers as a Thermal Engineer in the laboratory for alternative energy conversion.

During his Ph. D in Simon Fraser University, he has published numerous high-impact industrial reports and papers, including two articles in Nature. He has also participated in more than 25 international conferences worldwide. 

As a hobby, he enjoys making DIY prototypes and biking.

Graphic Designer

Tina Valipour

Tina is the Graphic Designer at SISA Energy and loves helping people Design and develop Ideas. She has spent most of her career in marketing, gaining experience in areas such as Digital Design and Illustration. While Graphic Design is her primary job function by day, Tina also enjoys Digital Painting and Playing Guitar.

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